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Top most famous festivals in January around the world

The best world festivals might be an excellent approach to go to new places. You may experience local cultural practices in one area, connect with the people, and witness their take on festival fun if you attend a world festival. Let me expose you to some of the famous festivals in January around the world. So without more ado, let’s get started!

Harbin Ice & Snow Festival 2022

  • Date: 5th January
  • Country: China
Harbin Ice & Snow Festival

Harbin’s annual festival, one of the most popular world festivals in January, is billed as the world’s biggest winter festival. Harbin, which is located in China’s most northerly province, is usually freezing, and the city’s frigid temperatures have gained it the self-explanatory moniker of ‘Ice City.’ As dusk falls, expect a plethora of jaw-dropping ice installations and snow statues, all of which will be illuminated with rainbow lights. Harbin’s entire Ice & Snow World, as well as a big snow Buddha, are among them. Only true winter enthusiasts should attend: daytime temperatures average -7°C, but nighttime temperatures drop to -20°C.

Thaipusam Festival 2022

  • Date: 18th January
  • Country: Malaysia
Thaipusam Festival 2022

Every year, Hindus, particularly the Tamil people, congregate at their local temples to express their gratitude and perform penance for any wrongdoings. Although the celebrations can be seen all throughout the country, the Batu Caves in Selangor are one of the most popular. As part of their reverence to Lord Murugan, the Hindu god of war, pilgrims come here to wash themselves and fast.

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International Kite Festival 2022

  • Date: 14th January
  • Country: India
International Kite Festival

Every year, the westernmost state of Gujarat, Uttarayan, commemorates the change from winter to summer on the Indian calendar. Residents prepare huge, colourful, and beautiful kites for months. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. Since its establishment in 1989, the event has become one of India’s largest and most important. As a result, Ahmedabad, the state’s largest city, always throws a big party (especially on 14 January), becoming a buzzing hub for cultural events in the weeks leading up to the kite show. It maintains its own conspicuous stance in the January world festivals calendar.

Timkat Festival 2022

  • Date: 19th January
  • Country: Ethiopia
Timkat Festival 2022

If Ethiopia wasn’t previously on your travel wish list, add it now. Timkat, which is among the famous festivals in January around the world, is the next international festival on the schedule. It is also Ethiopia’s most important event. Timkat, also known as the Feast of Epiphany, commemorates Jesus’ baptism with a few unique rites and neighbourhood festivities. Locals reenact the baptism, pilgrims come from all over the world, and the streets are decked out in Ethiopian flag colours.

Hogmanay Festival 2022

  • Date: 31st December
  • Country: Scotland
Hogmanay Festival 2022 festivals in January

The major event, which takes place in Edinburgh at midnight, takes place at Princes Street Gardens, just in front of the famed Edinburgh Castle. On New Year’s Eve, it may easily be the best festival on the planet. Although today’s New Year’s Eve in Scotland is mostly about the swally and street celebrations, the night has a long and illustrious history in Scotland. Scots didn’t get to celebrate Christmas when they couldn’t get to church, so they saved up all their party enthusiasm to unleash on New Year’s Eve in full force.

Undoubtedly, times have changed, but the spirit of the celebrations has not, and Scots continue to ring in the bells with a good old knees up, whether in a Highland pub, a Glasgow house party, or the iconic Edinburgh street party. Cars are prohibited from entering the city centre, allowing people to roam freely and carry their own booze in plastic containers to celebrate on the streets.

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Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival 2022

  • Date: 22nd January
  • Country: Japan
Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival festivals in January

It is one of the renowned festivals in January month whereby residents of Nara congregate at dusk on the fourth Saturday of every January (weather allowing) to light a bonfire in the mountains of Wakakusa Yamayaki, east of Nara Park. The bonfire is kindled in a ceremonial manner, and the procession includes local temples. People watch from afar as the mountain’s grass is set ablaze, and as Wakakusa Yamayaki burns into the night, a spectacular firework display frames the fires.

Up Helly Aa Festival 2022

  • Date: 25th January
  • Country: Scotland
Up-Helly Aa festivals in January

Here’s a good reason to travel to frigid Scotland in the thick of winter. Up Helly Aa is a series of 12 fire-themed events held in various sites across Scotland’s Shetland Islands, and the blazing pandemonium represented in this photograph is precisely what to expect. On the last Tuesday of January, Lerwick, the Shetlands’ main port town, hosts the largest and most well-known. Volunteers from all over the Shetlands come together to organise gallery exhibitions, a well-organized parade, and a plethora of burning torches, all headed by the ‘guizer jarl.’ This is one for the early birds, since the event has been moved from 2022 to 2023.

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