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How to Command Tiktok What You Like to Watch

Although TikTok ultimately learns what kind of videos you like, it might be difficult to find content that attracts to you while your account is completely new. The For You page will normally display mega-viral videos from the app’s most famous users at first, but there are a few steps you may take to see what additional videos and creators are available.

♦ Use the Discover Tab to Find Trending Sounds, Hashtags, and Effects

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The simplest approach to locate videos on TikTok when you’re just getting started is to look at what’s trending. The Discover icon is located at the bottom of the screen, close to the upload button. It will take you to a collection of popular hashtags, sounds, and effects if you tap on it.

Finding engaging entertainment is simple and pleasurable by scrolling through these videos. The algorithm begins to learn what you enjoy by saving sounds or engaging with films through likes, sharing, or commenting.

♦ Search for Things You Like

Use the search bar at the top of the Discover tab to seek for topics you’re interested in. Tiktok displayed all of the top videos for the term “science” when I first typed it into the search bar. I could have browsed through the options for users, hashtags, and more if I wanted to learn more.

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This strategy is a simple way to find a range of videos with distinct hashtags and music, as contrary to looking at trending sounds and themes. Following the creators (by clicking the creator’s symbol on the side of the screen and then on the red “Follow” button) and liking the videos (by clicking the heart-shaped “like” button on the side) will assist ensure that the sort of material you enjoy appears on your For You page.

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♦ Click On Sounds

You’ll begin to see trends within whatever TikTok rabbit hole you’ve gone down as the algorithm learns more about you. The majority of the time, these tendencies are based on sound. Sound samples from popular media, music, or even audio made by another user can all be used.

A revolving circle may be found in the bottom-right corner of a video, and this is where the sound is stored. It’s simple to uncover a slew of additional videos that employ that sound by clicking that tab.

Despite the fact that you’ll only be seeing videos with the same sound, this is a fantastic method to discover a wide range of artists who might not have made it to your For You Page.

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