A Stunning Shortcut in Your Pixel: Quick Tap Feature

In the early days of smartphones, there were many buttons below the display as well as around the sides. Most of these physical buttons have been removed in modern minimalistic designs, restricting the options to set up hardware-based shortcuts. However, the latest Pixels have worked out how to integrate a shortcut without adding any additional physical buttons. This useful but secret configurable shortcut isn’t turned on by default. Quick Tap feature is the official name for the feature or you can say ‘double tap gesture’, which is activated by a double-tap on the phone’s back.

A Stunning Shortcut in Your Pixel Quick Tap Feature

Quick Tap Feature

Early in 2020, Google began testing the double-tap gesture on Pixel phones, eventually making it official with the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G on Android 11. Since then, Android 12 has brought the capability to the Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6XL.

When you double-tap the rear of your Pixel, Quick Tap feature lets you choose from a variety of possible actions. It reminds me of knocking on a door and having something open in answer. You can use the double tap gesture to take a screenshot, activate Google Assistant, play/pause media, or access any app or action within that app – in other words, launcher app shortcuts, if you remember what they are.

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How to I Activate Quick Tap Feature?

To enable Quick Tap or double tap gesture, navigate to System > Gesture > Quick Tap in your Pixel’s settings menu. Enable the feature, then select the best option for you. You may also make the shortcut work by requiring more powerful taps. I suggest not turning it on at first, then watching to see if the action is frequently activated by accident. Toggle the stronger taps setting if this happens; otherwise, nothing has to be changed.

The Best Shortcut Ideas for Your Pixel

double tap gesture

With Quick Tap feature, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Nevertheless, because it only works when the phone is already unlocked and in use, you must consider it more than a simple shortcut. It’s a quick way to complete a task while using other programmes. (Otherwise, it’d be the same as a shortcut on the homescreen.) So, what would be the ideal application for that?

I wouldn’t use this extra shortcut to activate Assistant or capture a screenshot on a Pixel because there are other methods to do so. If you don’t utilise Bluetooth buds or headphones, media pause/play is an excellent option. Now that those options have been eliminated, it’s time to focus on apps and in-app actions.

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Making it display my immunisation certificate is my favourite use case. This is feasible thanks to an in-app shortcut for health passes in the French track-and-trace software (Google Play). Quick Tap is an excellent way to get to your QR code if your country’s app has similar capabilities and you’re required to present it everywhere you go.

Allowing it to launch your preferred password manager or two-factor authentication tool is also a good idea. When you’re trying to log into a service, a double-tap is surely preferable to digging for the app. If you commute frequently, using Google Maps or CityMapper to schedule Quick Tap Feature to transport you home or to work is also a great time saver.

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