Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

Pixie haircuts are a timeless, classic look that women of all ages adore. A pixie is an easy to maintain and style haircut that is ideal for women who are short on time but still want to stand out. Pixie haircuts are also versatile, as they can be cute or sophisticated, feminine or androgynous, and can be styled to fit any face shape. Continue reading to get some pixie cut ideas for your next dramatic hair change.

Spiky pixie haircut for women

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

Spiky pixie haircuts are not for shy people. They are ideal for women who like to stand out, push the boundaries, and have fun. They are bold and full of attitude. To achieve the spiky look, use strong-hold gel and a hairdryer; the key is not to make them look too neat or uniform.

Short Pixie Haircut

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

The classic pixie haircut is a look that will never go out of style. It’s short all over, which flatters most face shapes and makes a bold fashion statement. A short pixie haircut does not necessitate a lot of styling or upkeep. However, for a more casual look, use styling products to add some messy texture, or try a sophisticated side part for a more polished look.

Pixie bob haircut

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

Do you adore the 1960s style? Consider a pixie bob. The pixie bob haircut is ideal for those with fine hair and round faces because it is simple, fresh, and feminine. Add on-trend hair clips or a hairband to complete the look. It also looks great slicked back for a more polished look.

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Texture pixie haircuts

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

A textured haircut has a lot of dimension and direction, which is achieved by using well-placed choppy layers. It thickens the hair and adds volume and life to it. As a result, a textured pixie cut is ideal for women with fine hair. A textured pixie cut has an intentionally undone look, making it ideal for those who prefer a more casual, bohemian look.

Very short pixie haircuts

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

A very short pixie haircut will give you a bold, modern, and fashionable appearance. The very short pixie, which is longer than a buzz cut but shorter than a classic pixie, is ideal for those with naturally thick hair and angular features. Pair it with glam make-up for a feminine look, or go bare-faced for a natural androgynous look.

Pixie haircuts with an edge

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

Pixie cuts are a natural partner for edgy elements like bold colors, asymmetrical fringes, and undercuts because they are so eye-catching. Opt for an edgy pixie cut if you want to make a truly dramatic change to your hair. Pink is a trendy color that goes well with short, semi-shaved hairstyles.

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Asian pixie haircuts

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

Asian hair is thicker, stronger, smoother, and straighter than other types of hair. As a result, when the hair is cut short, it can appear to stick out. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect pixie cut! A hairstylist with experience cutting Asian hair can create the style so that it complements your hair’s natural texture, resulting in a beautifully soft, face-framing look.

Pixie haircuts for thick hair

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

Thick hair and pixie haircuts are a perfect match. A classic pixie haircut or very short pixie cut is an excellent choice for those with thicker hair because the cropped length makes the hair more manageable, helps it dry faster, and is easier to style. Highlights and choppy pieces can be used to add dimension to the hair.

Pixie haircuts with bangs

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

Add bangs to your pixie cut to tailor it to your face shape, especially if you have angular features or a strong jawline. A side-swept fringe complements a heart-shaped or square face, while short, blunt bangs complement oval faces and give the overall haircut an elfin appearance.

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Messy pixie haircuts

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

A messy pixie cut is the ultimate in casual yet stylish hairstyles. Most pixie cuts can be styled in a haphazard manner with products such as matt clay or putty. Because your hair is shorter in a pixie cut, styling will be quick. For a stylish contrast, pair your messy hair with a more structured outfit, such as a blazer and jeans.

Shaggy pixie haircuts

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

A shag haircut features choppy ends, volume, and layers at the crown, as well as a textured and purposefully messy appearance. A shaggy pixie haircut, considered the epitome of ’70s cool, will give you that rock’n’roll vibe. It’s also a good choice if you’re transitioning from a pixie cut to a bob or lob.

Asymmetrical pixie haircut

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

The asymmetrical pixie is one of the most well-known haircuts. The asymmetrical pixie cut is a cool and edgy look that is longer on one side than the other. It makes your face appear slimmer and longer while emphasizing your eyes and jawline.

Undercut pixie haircut

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

Add an undercut to your pixie cut to give it a bit of an edge. The undercut is a popular men’s hairstyle that involves shaving down the lower section of the hair and has a cool and rebellious vibe. Make sure your stylist leaves your pixie cut longer on top for a flattering contrast so you can style it with plenty of volume and texture.

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Long pixie haircut

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

If you want to gradually transition into a cropped style, a long pixie haircut is an excellent choice. The hairstyle is a little shorter than a bob, but it’s still stylish and feminine. These haircuts are usually longer in the front to create face-framing layers and give you more styling options than a shorter pixie cut.

Medium pixie haircuts

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

The pixie cut is a classic look. It can be feminine or androgynous, and it can be tailored to various hair textures and face shapes. While the short pixie has its appeal and does not require much styling or maintenance, longer hairstyles are more comfortable to wear. A medium pixie cut strikes the perfect balance, with more length at the front and layers that soften and frame your face. It also gives you more styling options than shorter cuts, allowing you to experiment with layers and angles.

Curly pixie haircut

Beautiful Pixie Haircuts Ideas to Try

With curly hair, a pixie haircut looks great. It will make you look cute, fresh, and youthful. Depending on your curl pattern, your stylist will cut your hair into a flattering shape that maximizes the natural bounce and volume of your hair. Frizz is the enemy of all curly styles, so use a curl-defining product to make your coils look their best.

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