The upgrades Nintendo Switch Pro might have over the original

Last year, the PS5 and Xbox Series X were two of the most talked-about gadgets in tech, but the four-year-old Nintendo Switch is still the best system. Sony and Microsoft released their high-end gaming machines in late 2020, and preorders have been sold out since then. Meanwhile, Nintendo continued to sell millions of Switches, since everyone who was stuck at home was anxious for anything to do. Despite not being a true match for either of the smart technologies, the Nintendo Switch Pro continues to outsell its competitors well into 2020.

The upgrades Nintendo Switch Pro might have over the original

Nintendo has been reported to release a “Switch Pro” version of the Switch in the past, but the firm has consistently denied the claims. However, a growing number of sources suggest that the improved Switch model will hit shops this fall, with a reveal as early as mid-June. A new leak details several rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro upgrades, revealing how the new system will exceed the original in many ways.

Vandal, a Spanish site, claims to have gotten Switch Pro specifications from an Asian peripheral vendor who had pre-release access to the console. The accessories maker only revealed the design of the console, not its specifications.

The new Switch will be extremely similar to the present model, as per the anonymous company, thus it may be compatible with current Joy-Con models and other peripherals. The Switch Pro’s screen will be 7 inches in size, but it will have minimum bezels. The display will be OLED, according to the report, which confirms earlier Switch Pro reports. We already realize that OLED panels allow manufacturers to dramatically minimize screen bezels in the smartphone business.

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According to the source, the Switch Pro will include a built-in stand that will allow it to sit on a flat surface, comparable to the Surface Pro tablet/laptop. The microSD card slot will be located on the back under the built-in stand, making it more accessible than before.

The new dock will be identical to the existing one in appearance, but it will be bigger in the back to accommodate two USB 3.0 ports and an Ethernet connector. The latest model, in comparison, only has USB 2.0 connections and no wired internet connection.

The leakers did not give any photographs or renders of the Switch Pro, but they did claim that it is currently in the final stages of development. They stated that the global launch date has yet to be determined. As per a previous Bloomberg report, the Nintendo Switch Pro console might be released in September or October. However, according to a Spanish blog, Europe may not get the new console until the end of November. Even then, there will be a supply constraint.

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