National French Toast Day: History, Facts and Dates

On November 28, which is National French Toast Day, there is no need to stress over what to make for breakfast. That dense, sweet, and salty delicacy that has become a mainstay of the American morning menu. Even thinking about this subject makes us want to get up late and have breakfast. We are thrilled about National French Toast Day because of this.

National French Toast Day

History of French Toast Day

The first thing you should be aware of is that the French do not refer to this as French toast. The reason it’s called “pain perdu,” or “lost bread,” is that you can actually make it with stale bread. (However, the majority of Americans could find that disagreeable.) According to Frenchly, the idea of French toast is to prevent food waste. Please also be aware that throwing bread out is a huge no-no. (Bread has spiritual significance.) The majority of experts concur that French toast originated in Rome. A comparable recipe can be found in the fifth-century BC book of Apicius. Before frying bread slices, the Romans coated them in milk (and occasionally eggs) and called the dish “Pan Dulcis.”

A comparable recipe can be found at the court of Henri V, where the “lost bread” developed a large following, in the 1400s. Still, the phrase “French Toast” didn’t make an appearance in England until the middle of the 17th century. According to food historians, the word “French” actually refers to the Old Irish verb “to French,” which meaning “to slice,” rather than the country of France. Thus, “sliced toast” is what is meant by “French toast.” It’s possible that Irish immigrants to North America introduced the phrase. The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink published the first instance of the term “French toast” in 1871. The names “Egg toast,” “Spanish toast,” and even “German toast” were frequently used for comparable dishes.

There is a less novel theory. The reason French toast was given the name “French” may have been so that chefs could charge more for it. The complex and gastronomic French food has long been admired in the United States, according to Kitchen Project Editor-in-Chief Stephen Block. And that’s presumably the reason this dish has that name. Just marketing, really. There was no possibility that “Lost Bread” would have succeeded. The term spread since the dish was a success and the recipe was simple.

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How to celebrate National French Toast Day?

  • Make some for yourself to celebrate National French Toast Day in the best possible way. Create your favorite recipes with the whole family in the kitchen!
  • There are many fascinating stories of trial and error throughout culinary history. You’re sure to come across some fascinating tales because French toast has such a rich history.
  • Sometimes it’s simple to overlook individuals who are less fortunate than us. Spend some time volunteering at a food drive or a homeless shelter on a day like National French Toast Day, which is a day dedicated to celebrating food.
  • Search different French toast recipes to know more about how to make french toast.

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Unknown Facts about French toast

  • It has numerous names. Eggy bread, German toast, lousy knights, and torrija are other names for French toast.
  • French toast does not exist in France. It is known as “pain perdu” in France, which translates to “lost bread.”
  • Roman writings from the fourth or fifth century BC are where the recipe was originally discovered.
  • “Western toast” is frequently topped with jam or peanut butter at Hong Kong teahouses.
  • Other nations and cultures consume it at other times of the day, but Americans prefer it for breakfast.

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Why we like National French toast Day?

French toast is hilarious. See the famous joke by Steven Wright about the time he went to a restaurant that offered “breakfast at any hour” and ordered French toast for the Renaissance. Actually, it’s not that horrible for us. French toast can be a component of a balanced diet, despite not being a particularly healthy food. It has reasonable concentrations of important nutrients like riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12, thiamine, niacin, and folate, for instance. It’s a delightful way to begin the day. Many of us enjoy eating a big breakfast. There are worse ways to start the day than with something sweet, even though opinions on whether or not breakfast is “the most important meal of the day” vary.

When is the National French Fries Day this Year?

National French Toast Day Dates

2022November 28Monday
2023November 28Tuesday
2024November 28Thursday
2025November 28Friday
2026November 28Saturday

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