National Clean Your Desk Day 2022: All you should know

National Clean Your Desk Day is all about getting your workspace ready for the New Year and getting off to a good start. On the second Monday in January, the holiday is observed. The date is January 10 this year. Remember, a cluttered desk is a recipe for disaster! A clean desk, on the other hand, allows you to focus better, be more productive, and generally feel better about your work environment. We don’t only mean physical clutter when we say clean. Yes, your computer’s desktop counts as well. Drag and drop those files into a tidy folder on this National Clean Your Desk Day 2022!

History of National Clean Your Desk Day

History of National Clean Your Desk Day

National Clean Your Desk Day has no documented origins or history. We wish we knew who began this celebration, the organized clean-enthusiast. This holiday, which falls on the second Monday in January, is most likely the result of messy desktops before and after the Christmas season and New Year. What are the chances? It’s possible that the forthcoming event – National Clean Your Desk Day 2022 – was inspired by a New Year’s resolution!

For everyone to be effective, they must have a proper workspace. Your workstation is your work zone, and it can stifle creativity, task accomplishment, and workflow if it isn’t functional. Consider this: don’t we all despise it when we can’t find a pen or an important paper is buried beneath our desk clutter? It has been demonstrated time and time again that having a well-organized workspace increases productivity and allows employees to focus better on their task. It’s actually pretty relaxing.

The term “desk” was first used in the 14th century, but it was not commonly accepted until the 18th century. Legal professionals and priests utilized desks the most, but they are now found almost everyone. Work changed from intensive physical labor to desktop computers after the Industrial Revolution. Drawers (a lot of them) were the way to go for arranging workstations before computers became widespread and most work became digital. Needless paperwork was slowly discarded as computers became the standard, yet with the numerous USBs and plugins required to keep data digitally, we still end up with cluttered desks!

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Things to Do on National Clean Your Desk Day 2022

National Clean Your Desk Day 2022 All you should know

De-stress via organizing, de-cluttering, and de-stressing.

Anxiety is exacerbated by a crowded workspace. This isn’t helpful when you’re in the middle of a hectic workday.

Get rid of the trash

Throw. Shred. Recycle. Getting rid of what you don’t need is the first step in cleaning.

Make it a big deal

Collaborate with your coworkers. Organize a competition for the “cleanest desk.” Take images of your desk and share them on social media.

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Importance of National Clean Your Desk Day 2022

Aids in the organization and cleaning of your home

This day motivates you to clean, organize, and improve the functionality of your workspace.

Maintains a stress-free environment

There’s no need to be concerned about misplacing items or wasting time hunting for them.

Allows you to be more productive

Cleanliness provides a sense of calm that allows you to concentrate better and get more done.

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