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Longest Mountain Ranges in the World

Out earth is bestowed with innumerable objects. One of those blessed things are the mountain ranges attributed, oftentimes, with incredible height and long coverage or range. The most popular mountains are also renowned as the largest mountain ranges in the world as well. Out of 10 famous mountains in the world, we, in this piece of writing, will be shedding light on these popular mountain ranges.

Andean Mountains

Andean Mountains

The Andean Mountains, oftentimes regarded as The Andes, reach 4,350 miles long over Colombia, southern Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela and Argentina. Multiple active volcanoes encompassing Ojos del Salado on the border of Chile and Argentina, are contained by this range. At a height of 22,615 feet above sea level, Ojos Del Salado is the highest active volcano. High plateaus holding chief cities like Cali, Medellin, Quito, Bogota and La Paz run in conjunction with the mountains. The Altiplano plateau – a plateau in the Andes – is the second highest plateau in the world after the Tibetan plateau – the first-highest plateau. Owing to the expansiveness of this mountain range, it, based on the climate, is categorized into three ways: the Dry Andes (located in northwest Bolivia and Argentina), the Tropical Andes (positioned in northern countries) and the Wet Andes (located in Argentina and Chile at particular latitudes). Concerting the distinct attributes Andean Mountains possess, it is considered at the top of the longest mountain ranges in the world.

Southern Great Escarpment

Southern Great Escarpment

Southern Great Escarpment spread across 3,100 miles is an African mountain range that is linked with the countries comprising of South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Angola and Namibia. The highest peak attributed to the mountain range is 11,424 feet above the sea level. Situated in South Africa, this peak, typically, is called the Drakensberg. On the part of the formation of Southern Great Escarpment, its presence is traced back about 180 million years ago. Setting apart or distinguishing the mountain chain from rockier mountain ranges, the portion located in South Africa consists of the soft underneath sandstones. The countries, height from sea level and area it covers in terms of length are the characteristics that position it on second place among the longest mountain ranges in the world.

Rocky Mountains

Rocy Mountains Longest Mountain Ranges in the World

Rocky Mountains, unquestionably, is placed at third place in comparison with the longest mountain ranges in the world; in addition to this, this very range enjoys its top position of being the longest mountain range when it comes to the continent of North America. Across two countries – the United States of America and Canada – the mountain range reaches 3,000 miles. Rocky Mountains, informally, is renowned as ‘the Rockies’ as well. The highest peak of this range is Mount Elbert which is at 14,439 feet above the sea level in Colorado. About 80 million to 55 million ago, the traces of the formation of Rockies are found. Around 12,000 years back since the last ice age, the Americas’ indigenous peoples – Arapaho, Apache, Bannock, Blackfoot, Coeur, Cheyenne, Dunne-za, Kalispel, Flathead, Kutenai, Shoshone, Sekani, Sioux, and Ute – have been occupants of the Rockies.

Transantarctic Mountains

Transantarctic Mountains Longest Mountain Ranges in the World

Transantarctic Mountains range reach around 2,200 miles over the whole Antarctica continent. Into two halves encompassing East Antarctica and West Antarctica, Antarctica is categorized by this range. Transantarctic Mountains serving as a wall divide the continent in twain. A portion of 98% of this range is estimated to be covered with ice. This very attribute of this range make a considerable number of mountains out-of-the-way. Mount Kirkpatrick – the highest peak – reaches 14,855 feet massive height above the sea level. The existence of more diverse reptile and plant life is traced in Transantarctic Mountains as proposed by the studies. These astonishing features associated with the range make it the fourth among the longest mountain ranges in the world.

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