Best Knee High Boots for Women

While footwear fashions come and go, the popularity of knee-high boots has endured. Of course, it’s easy to see why. These traditional boots have a lot to offer women. These shoes are not only warm in the colder months, but they are also seriously chic and surprisingly versatile. Knee-high boots look great with a variety of outfits and are ideal for work, the weekend, nights out, and beyond. All you need to know is how to properly style them, which is where we come in. Here’s how to wear knee-high boots for a stunning look.

Black Knee High Boots for women

Best Knee High Boots for Women

You can’t go wrong with black boots in the winter, especially black knee high boots. These are great wardrobe staples to have on hand because they will go with any outfit you choose. If you’re feeling daring, go for a patent black boot, or if you’re new to the trend, go for black suede for easy style. The great thing about black boots is that you can wear them from day to night, which means you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

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Knee high Boots with a Flat Heel

Best Knee High Boots for Women

Heels aren’t everyone’s idea of a good time, and they’re painful to wear. Fortunately, the knee high boot makes its own statement, so a heel is unnecessary. Make a statement with different textures, such as snakeskin or leather. Wear them with jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket for a chic, laid-back look. Alternatively, a knitted khaki dress with grey suede knee highs will suffice.

Brown knee high boots for women

Best Knee High Boots for Women

Although brown knee high boots are mostly associated with winter, don’t be so quick to put them on the top shelf when the weather warms up. Wear your brown knee high boots with jeans for a casual look during the colder months. Dress them up with a neutral-colored winter coat. As the weather warms up, opt for a floral dress or a denim mini skirt to keep the look going all year.

Suede knee high boots

Best Knee High Boots for Women

A suede boot, let alone a suede knee high boot, can never go wrong. The must-have shoe for any winter outfit, you can style it in an infinite number of ways to suit different occasions or style preferences. Wear them with a knitted dress for a more laid-back look, or dress them up with a black mini skirt. A pop of bare skin complements suede; just make sure you get the right tone so it doesn’t wash you out.

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Heeled knee high boots for women

Best Knee High Boots for Women

There are some trendy knee high boot styles available right now, with metallic details, red patent leather, and bright colors making waves in the industry. This shift away from blacks and greys and toward color means more room for playful expression in your outfit, complete with fun boots. Women’s heels come in a variety of heights and shapes, so you can still look sophisticated without hurting your feet in a high heel. Even better, you’re still using the classic winter boot. Choose a chunky heel for a more modern look or a stiletto for a more glam look.

Leather knee high boots for women

Best Knee High Boots for Women

There are numerous ways to experiment with leathers to spice up your look. If you want to make a statement with your outfit, try boots in colored or textured leathers instead of the standard black. Alternatively, choose knee-high leather boots with unique stitching or lace-up details to elevate your look.

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