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How to run Windows 11 in macOS Monterey

Although we should seldom forget that Linux exists, the great majority of people prefer Windows or macOS as their operating system. If you need to use both Apple’s and Microsoft’s operating systems, you can use the virtualization programme Parallels Desktop instead of buying two computers or laptops. Learning how to run Windows 11, you can effectively run it within macOS Monterey with this sophisticated tool, effectively offering you the best of both worlds. This is a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys Apple gear, but it’s especially beneficial for students who need to use both Windows and macOS because it means you just have to find space for one machine. Let’s have a look at how to run Windows 11.

Download Windows 11

Download Windows 11

The first step in learning how to run Windows 11 is to download Windows 11 and prepare it for installation. You can get a Windows 11 disc image from Microsoft, which you can use to make an installation USB or DVD, or a virtual system in Parallels. Go to the Download Window 11 page, scroll down to the Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) section, and pick Windows 11 from the drop-down selection before clicking Download. Choose your preferred language from the second drop-down option, then click Confirm, then 64-bit Download.

Installing Windows 11 in Parallels

Installing Windows 11 in Parallels

The disc image is little over 5GB in size, so depending on your internet connection speed, it may take some time to download. When the download is complete, open Parallels and select File > New to begin the process of installing Windows 11 to a virtual machine. Select the centre option labelled ‘Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file’ and click ‘Continue’ in the Installation Assistant window that displays.

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Select the ISO

Select the ISO

Learning how to run Windows 11, parallels will search your hard drive for an appropriate installation image, and it should discover the one you just downloaded instantly. If the Windows 11 ISO is not automatically identified, or if you have other ISOs on your hard drive, click the ‘Choose Manually’ option and then drag the newly downloaded ISO onto the app window, or click select a file before browsing to the ISO, selecting it, and then pressing ‘Continue.’

Install Windows 11 as a Virtual Machine

Install Windows 11 as a Virtual Machine how to run Windows 11

Installing Windows 11 in a virtual machine is similar to installing it on a PC – except that you’ll have the Microsoft operating system’s installer running in macOS on your Apple hardware! You can now enter your Windows licence code and choose which version of Windows 11 to install to save time later.

The Parallels Installation Assistant will question you what you plan to do with the virtual machine, and this will influence how much system resources it gets. Click ‘Continue’ after selecting the ‘Customize settings before installation’ option.

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Configure the installation

Configure the installation how to run Windows 11

Learning how to run Windows 11, it’s worth spending a little time tweaking a few preferences and settings to get the most out of your experience running Windows 11 on macOS. You can name and customise your virtual machine in the ‘General’ area, while you may choose starting and shutdown parameters in the ‘Options’ section.

You may adjust how much memory is allotted to Windows 11, whether your webcam should be shared with Windows, and more by going to ‘Hardware.’

Close the configuration and click ‘Continue;’ from there, simply follow Microsoft’s on-screen instructions, and you’ll be guided through the installation and able to create user accounts in no time.

Customize Shortcuts

Customize shortcuts

Whether you’re a Mac user who isn’t very familiar with Windows or vice versa, you’ll be aware – or quickly learn – that the two operating systems have different keyboard shortcuts.

You can change the shortcuts used in virtual machines by going to the Parallels Desktop menu and selecting ‘Preferences.’ This will make your life a little easier. You may personalise the shortcuts used to control Parallels, as well as change common shortcuts so that when you use a known macOS shortcut, it is linked to a Windows action – for example, Command + P can be mapped to Ctrl + P to quickly open the print dialogue in Windows apps.

Integrating Windows 11 in macOS Monterey

When it comes to how to run Windows 11, there are some techniques to run Windows 11 in macOS, the first and most obvious of which is to run it in a Parallels window. This makes switching between Windows and macOS a breeze, but if you want to immerse yourself in Windows 11, simply maximise Parallels. Entering ‘Coherence’ mode is a third option. This essentially eliminates the Windows 11 desktop, allowing you to run Windows applications within macOS and access them more easily without having to switch to Parallels.

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