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How to Do a Waterfall Braid: Easy and Step by Step Approach

As massive fans of the loveliest hair tricks and braiding procedures, we had to incorporate a quick hair tutorial to master how to do a waterfall braid. It is quick to follow this step-by-step waterfall braid and produces stunning outcomes.

How to Do a Waterfall Braid Easy and Step by Step Approach.

To enrich your next special event, we requested a hair stylist to provide a game-changing waterfall braid tutorial. It is simple to reproduce the flowing waterfall braids with curls and lets show off those long locks in a whimsical, flirty manner. Read on to discover, once and for all, how to waterfall braid!

A waterfall braid is the ideal romantic hairstyle for every event, and it is convenient to embrace it or not! With this simple tutorial which encompass waterfall braid steps, you learn how to make a waterfall braid.

Things You Must Have

  • Brush and comb
  • Elastic bands
  • Hair pins
  • Hairspray
  • Texture powder

♦ Add Volume, if Desired

Add Volume, if Desired
Tatum Wetzel (@tatumraewetzel)

To give our braid additional thickness and volume on the edges, we sneakily attached very tiny clip-in extensions near the root. This is a professional tip for stylists to get a thicker braid without sacrificing wholeness and length (particularly on the sides). As required, measure and trim your clip-in bits. We used about a one-inch secret clip-in segment per side.

♦ Create Sections

How to Do a Waterfall Braid - Create Sections
Tatum Wetzel (@tatumraewetzel)

The second step in waterfall braids step by step approach is to build a deep side part, then split it into three parts by grabbing a section of hair on the right side.

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♦ Cross the Sections

Cross the Sections
Tatum Wetzel (@tatumraewetzel)

Next, grab and cross the top piece of hair nearest to your hairline over the middle (let it hang).

♦ Create Your Waterfall

Create Your Waterfall
Tatum Wetzel (@tatumraewetzel)

After that, take the bottom piece and cross the new central piece over it. Then, leave it hanging, producing the waterfall effect, rather than crossing the hanging piece like you would with a typical French braid. Then proceeding towards waterfall hairstyle, take bits of your top and bottom and cross them once over each other.

♦ Repeat the Steps

How to Do a Waterfall Braid - Repeat the Steps
Tatum Wetzel (@tatumraewetzel)

Repeat this process until you have achieved your target braid length by doing steps 3 and 4 over and over. Remember to take a new piece of hair, put it in the center, and drop it down from above the braid that develops. It’s where the appearance of the waterfall really starts to take form.

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♦ Elevate Your Waterfall Braid

Elevate Your Waterfall Braid
Tatum Wetzel (@tatumraewetzel)

Wrap up the braid by twisting together the remaining two parts and holding it with an elastic in position. Tuck your braid’s end under the rest of your hair and lock it in position by crossing two X-shaped bobby pins (click here to buy). This last move serves to keep your braid in place firmly. Sprinkle a little textured powder all over the braid and gently pull it apart to offer a more lived-in, fuller look to your braid.

♦ Set in Place

- Set in Place
Tatum Wetzel (@tatumraewetzel)

With your favorite hairspray, keep your style in place. Repeat the braid on the left or, with only one braid, make the point.

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