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Cool and Easy Things to Draw When You are Bored

We always have a particular notebook where all of our little sketches and pointless shapes and lines occupy the last page. We all love easy things to draw, and we are not all born artists, but in order to explain our love for drawing and sketching pictures, we do not need to be an artist. Drawing is not only a form of art, but it is a really calming and relaxing way to spend time.

It is the happiness that one encounters when making his own job and it is the pleasure of living life as carelessly as a child. It is a remedy for the regeneration of our childish hearts. Without saying something, it is a way to show oneself. It is just a clear view of the complex world in which we work. So there are some easy things to draw when you are bored that are super simple and also enjoyable to make in order to quench the desire for the child inside us.



The simplest and coolest thing to draw is flowers. Nothing more than a few petals and leaves is needed for roses, tulips and orchids. From the drawing book of a nursery kid to an art gallery, flowers offer all ages encouragement. In addition, drawing a few flowers blossoming in the sunlight with their leaves fluttering in the wind is very easy. Flowers, one of the fun and easy things to draw, are also the basis for studying several different types of art, such as the mandala that is mentioned later on the list. So to learn basic skills, draw some flowers and have fun drawing various styles of them. The images unfolds the process of easy things to draw step by step.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes

The most playful and simplest ways of drawing are geometric shapes. In our elementary schools, though studying all these shapes, we did not realize how much fun it could be if we drew them. The geometric shapes, one of the cool and easy things to draw, are also the base for anything you choose to draw. We may learn step by step through these ways in order to build a dog, castle, house or even a human figure. The circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, polygon and many other shapes allow us to enhance our abilities and have fun putting them in our sketches in various forms.

Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

The drawing of a fruit-filled basket is used by us all. “The first thing we experienced as a child was drawing a fruit basket, which made us jump in joy and say “I can draw! “Then recall the days of your childhood and draw your favorite fruits. Fruit basket is, undoubtedly, a good idea for those who seek cool and easy things to draw step by step.



This is where we deal with the question ‘how to draw cartoons step by step for beginners?’ Almost all of the characters in the cartoon are animals with the capacity to chat and amuse us. For starters, Scooby-dog accompanying his friends on quests, Doremon with his pocket, Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the pooh, and many others, Tom and Jerry, chasing each other and making people laugh hard with their antics. So once you have mastered how to draw animals, by drawing your favorite cartoon characters, you can improve your imagination and move towards easy things to draw that look hard. Also you can make your own pokemons and trap them in your book permanently. Even like Phineas and Ferb, Mr. Bean and many others, there are many simple human cartoon characters to draw. There is also one of the most humorous and laid-back characters ever made in history, Spongebob Sqaurepants.



Animals are simple creatures for painting. Drawing a sweet little cat with its pointed whiskers or a doe-eyed dog does not require much time. There are several choices that can be selected from this category: the criss-cross patterns of a zebra, a tall brown giraffe, a vicious leopard, a restless monkey or a baby elephant. Also if you are not so certain about your ability, you can opt for an approach step by step drawing cartoons through distinct sections of an animal, such as the sharp, deadly lion’s claws or the chubby little panda’s eyes. So draw any animal of your preference and let your fantasy in the jungle of your thoughts come alive. Animals offer numerous sketching ideas and are cool things to draw for beginners.

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Draw hearts when in doubt. That can never get old, since it is almost like an impulse to pick up a pen and sketch a heart for Valentine’s day or not. You can include arrows, you can add initials of your loved ones, you can draw a broken heart or a locked heart when drawing a heart. You can be imaginative. Heart is one of the best ideas for things to draw.



It is for all of the selfie enthusiasts out there. There is no less fun than picturing our homemade camera sketch, because we all love taking pictures! Draw a camera, and in your diary, record the memory. A rectangle and a circle are all you need to draw a camera (see geometric shapes). There are several different styles of retro camera that you need to know while drawing and sketching.


Easy Things to Draw Mandala

Mandala is a word in Sanskrit which means a circle. But there are several designs, forms and styles that are important for creating a mandala, not just a circle. It is like the patterns of ‘hina’, but there is still a circle in there. There are flowers, flower petals and many other intricate designs associated in a mandala, other than a circle. There would be less regulations, and with any pattern you want you can make. Mandala drawing also strengthens our concentration and minimizes tension. Mandala designs are cool things to draw for kids as well as grownups.


Easy Things to Draw Stars

Have you gazed into the night sky from your window and lost yourself in the glittering of stars? If so, then you will enjoy drawing stars. It is very easy to draw a star and there are various ways of drawing them. There are 5, 6, 7 stars with points, vertical stars with curved stars, and many others. It’s good notion if you are up to simple things to draw step by step.

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Easy Things to Draw Eyes

The human body has been drawn numerous times, but a pair of eyes are the part of the human body which catches the most focus. In different steps, eyes are drawn and the picture itself speaks volume as if they were speaking to us. We need to be an eye drawing expert, they are not too difficult, and you can improve your level by drawing more detailed eyes or exactly the same pair of eyes once you have mastered the art of illustrating a simple pair.

Hand Gestures

Easy Things to Draw Hand Gestures

Another one of the best and cool things to draw when bored is sketching step by step hand gestures. Hand gestures are an excellent way to enhance your drawing skills. They are not so convenient, but it is possible to draw numerous various kinds of hand gestures with a fair amount of practice. These are easy things to draw and adorn your notebook with.

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