Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

Shades of blue are trending on the runways and in everyday street style this season, making it one of the year’s coolest colors. Manicures are a great way to try out new styles and designs, and this is an excellent opportunity to try out some of the most popular looks. We’ve got you covered if you’re a fan of this cool shade or want to spice up your routine. With these coolest blue nail designs, you’ll find your new favorite go-to look.

Blue nail designs with clouds

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

With these lovely nails, you can keep your head up and think positively. The cloud design is a soft and simple piece of art that can be worn throughout the year. Choose varying shades of blue, such as the color of the sky or an ocean reflection. This style requires a lot of practice, so be patient when replicating the manicure – for the best results, use small brushes to draw fine lines and shapes.

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French Nails in blue

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

With this funky blue art, you can add a summery touch to your outfit. It’s simple to create dimension and a stellar piece of art on your nails by using three shades of polish. Paint the crescent part of the bed in baby pink and pastel purple to create a reverse French manicure. It helps to elongate your fingers and elevates your outfit. Everyone will look to you as the trendsetter for the slickest designs.

Blue nail art designs inspired by Adidas

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

Are you a big Adidas fan? This manicure is inspired by the iconic brand logo and looks great on each nail. To achieve this look, paint the base of the nail white and allow it to dry. Next, cut and stick thin strips of tape to form clean lines at an angle across the fingertip, and then apply blue nail polish to the entire nailbed. After the second layer of tape has dried, you can remove it to reveal the pattern.

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Blue nail designs with stars

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

The night sky is one of the most magical parts of the natural world, so why not show it off on your nails? Allow the stars to touch your fingertips by sprinkling them across your nails. Use a midnight blue as the base, but only paint half of the nail bed – finish with a few gold dots and a crescent moon. It’s a gorgeous option for those who enjoy high fashion and stargazing.

Blue waves nail art ideas

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

With this blue wave design, you can channel your inner ocean lover. The yin and yang-inspired artwork combines the classic blue shade with a neutral base to provide the perfect color wheel blend. It’s a difficult technique to master, so make sure you have a steady hand and a fine-tipped brush before you begin. Pro tip: For a more unique look, use different shades on each nail.

Nail art with a blue line

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

Do you enjoy the ocean’s waves? So, this manicure is ideal for you! With organic blue lines across a naked base, this funky art allows you to experiment with new shapes and designs. Begin by making a few squiggles across the pinky nail, then move on to the next finger. It works with every shape and length of nail – longer nails give you more space to work with, but experiment with different styles to see which works best for you!

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Blue and yellow nails

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

With this cute manicure, you can combine both sides of the color wheel. For those who like to experiment, the lemon shade next to the ocean blue is a stunning option. Add some graphic black lines to the mix to break up the opposing hues. With the two tones, you can create a reverse French manicure, or you can be inspired by Mondrian’s artwork and keep it abstract. Use a thin art brush to make the lines extra-fine – you can use bits of tape to ensure your lines are straight.

Blue and gold nails

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

With these gold and blue nails, you can add a touch of decadence to your manicure. The duck-egg color is perfect for any season, and the precious metal flecks add dimension and depth. The 3D shiny artwork appears to be melted gold across your fingertips and makes for an ideal feature nail or across the entire hand. Choose the best shape and length for you – everything works with this stunning design!

Cobalt blue nails

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

You won’t be able to resist a manicure this elaborate when you’re feeling a little extra. The combination of cobalt blue and gleaming silver creates a multi-faceted and Insta-worthy nail design that is simple to replicate! Shape a small triangle in the center of the bed with small pieces of tape and paint over it with the dark tone. Using the metallic color, add a tiny dot to the geometric shape’s point, and you’re done. It’s a straightforward but effective design that works well with any length.

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Feature blue nails

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

When one color on your nails isn’t enough, why not experiment with several? One of the season’s hottest looks is to have a variety of colors across your fingernails, and a pop of blue may be your next go-to. Combine summery colors like lemon, cherry red, and nude to create a single, bold tone on each fingertip. Allow the cool pastel blue to sit on a single feature nail, making it stand out from the rest of the manicure for an ultra-cool look.

Matte blue nails

Breathtaking Blue Nail Designs that will Inspire You

If you’re going to go all out, you might as well enjoy yourself. This funky, fresh, and ultra-glam manicure is sure to light up hearts, and for good reason. The matte blue finishes are fashionable and on-trend, and the contrasted sparkling feature nails add a pop of color to your hands. It’s an excellent choice for a night out with friends or a night in. This design is easy to fall in love with, so why not give it a shot?

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