The Best Apple AirTag Accessories We Know About

Eventually a slew of Apple Airtag accessories has been revealed to make Airtags even simpler to use (so much easier than if it had, say, a built-in way to attach it to things). Whereas a small tracking puck may be held in a bag, there are a number of other items that entail a holder or the careful application of tape to attach an AirTag to.

This is a list of all the Apple Airtag accessories we might consider that are either available for preorder or have a listing on Apple’s store. While we don’t have formal ship dates for most of them, it’s a safe bet that the ones on the Apple Store will be accessible on April 30th.


Image: Apple

Belkin presently has two accessories available a key ring and a strap, all of which cost $12.95. The AirTag is kept in a circular holder on both products, which are available in white, black, blue, and pink. They’re still inaccessible in Apple’s online store, though Belkin‘s site says they’ll be available shortly


Image: Spigen

Cyrill has a vegan leather keychain accessory available in two colours: black and “stone” (which is a light gray). It’s $19.99 and appears to be accessible right now. Spigen, Cyrill’s parent company, is also selling AirTag cases, including a keychain adapter and a ruggedized case with a hefty clip connector (and what appears to be a bottle opener, though that function isn’t listed). Both are $24.99, and the keychain can be ordered now, while the durable case can be preordered.


APPLE Apple AirTag Accessories
Image: Apple

On the part of Apple Airtag accessories, Apple, of course, has its own line of first-party accessories. A leather key ring, leather loop, and polyurethane (think Apple Watch sport band) loop are presently available on Apple’s store for $35, $39, and $29, respectively. All three are offered in a variety of colours and are presently out of stock.

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HERMÈS Apple AirTag Accessories
Image: Apple

Apple has a long history with Hermès, which produced some exorbitantly priced Apple Watch bands. Hermès’ leather key ring, luggage tag, and bag charm are all listed on the Apple Store for $349, $449, and $299, respectively. It’s worth noting, however, that the accessories contain an AirTag with a personalised “Hermès” engraving, allowing you to flex when searching. The key ring and bag charm are available in orange, blue, and a colour that appears to be black but is labelled “bleu indigo.” At the moment, the luggage tag is only available in brown. They are actually inaccessible via the Apple Store, much like Belkin’s offerings.


NOMAD Apple AirTag Accessories
Image: Nomad

Nomad also has a keychain, but it’s a leather pouch which engulfs the AirTag (as is customary for Nomad). The company also offers a glasses harness that serves as both a strap and an AirTag holder in the event that you misplace your glasses. Both are rated for $39.95, but you can get them for $29.95 if you preorder them now on Nomad’s website.

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