Why you can be ungrateful to God

I was terribly ill last month. I deliberately refused to take drug because I don’t enjoy taking drugs. Two days later, my condition grew worse. I was left with no other option than to take drug.

A friend visited a chemist down the street and got me some drugs. I took the drug as prescribed and the following morning I saw a dramatic improvement. The severe malaria vanished before I completed the medication.

I came out of that experience with an observation: I thanked everyone who contributed to my recovery except the manufacturer of the drug–who I think played one of the prominent role. I justified my ingratitude with the fact that I pay to get this drug–which is in some ways logical.

Something similar is bound to happen in the church the moment churches begin to monetize miracles and other deeds of God.

Yes it is good to appreciate God with our substance. However, it is better if we appreciate him geniunely from heart. For God cherish and prefer geniune appreciation from our hearts to our substance.

To put it plain and simple, God does not need our substance; He needs our heart. He does not judge our offerings by the size; He judges it by the heart that propel it.

The bottom line: Don’t be carried away by the ‘euphoria of giving’ that the Christians of today are known for. Rather, let your giving be a honest expression of your heart of gratitude.


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