4 ways to become more generous

Why we find it difficult to give

I was talking to one of a friend. He observed, “The more I amass wealth, the more difficult it is for me to give”. “What do you think is responsible for this?” He asked.

“The same seem to be true for me,” I admitted. What I think is responsible for this at this stage is financial security. He looked into my eyes and asked, “What do you mean by financial secruity?”

“As we began to approach the city of abundance,” I observed, “the fear of going back to the city of scarcity grips us and incapacitate our desire and ability to be generous.”

Why then do I manage to give more when I had less? He demanded. “It is simple,” I answered, “he that is ground already is not afraid of falling.” Meaning that someone who is broke is not afraid of being broke.

“What can I do to overcome this greedy nature of mine?” he demanded.

  1. Acknowledge it: The first and the most fundamental step is to acknowledge it. Your problem is half way solve the day you acknowledge it.
  2. Be intentional: every human being created by God has a measure of greed deposited in him. The difference between those who are master of their greed and those who are slave to the greed is that the former takes conscious effort to subdue the greed.
  3. Give not when it is easy but when it is necessary. One of the reasons why people end up being stingy is that they want to give when it is convenient for them. The truth is that convenient time does not exist anywhere.
  4. Don’t compete with anyone: You will surely be tempted to compete, don’t give in. Materialistic competition helps our greed to flourish and wax stronger.

Final word: Strive to meet you need and not to satisfy your greed, why because greed by nature is insatiable.


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