Why is Jesus case different?

What really baffles me is how humans react to the message of Jesus Christ. It got me thinking why sons of men don’t embrace this unconditional love.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is Good news. Jesus loves man unconditionally and He went out of his comfort to show it.

Among other reasons, I suspected a foul play on the part of preachers and religious leaders. Here is what I mean: human psychology and practical experience firmly establish it that HUMANS NATURALLY LOVE IN RETURN.

To put it simple and precise, human beings loves those that love them–especially when they are convinced that the love is geniune.

Why is Jesus case different? Jesus loves man genuinely, He gave His precious life for nothing–he has nothing to lose if he chose not to save mankind.

Why is Jesus not getting back the love that His love for us deserve? Why is His love looks like a threat to mankind?

The answer is simple, some preachers misrepresent Jesus. Rather than showing mankind how much Jesus love them, they focus on tithing and offering. Rather than help others to accept Jesus love, they are busy labelling people as sinners.

My message to such preachers is simple, tell mankind how precious they are in Jesus sight; help your congregation see and accept Jesus love. Why? Few things will transform a man’s life like knowing and accepting that Jesus love him.


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