Tribute to Jesus Christ

God loves man unconditionally. This justifies why He created the earth for man and man in His image and likeness.

It was not long that before the first man, Adam, disappointed God’s love. He disobeyed and truncated the smooth relationship and unrestricted access to God.

Because God’s love for man is insurmountable, he designed a means of restoration. To restore man required a great sacrifice–something that worth more man in value.

It was obvious that Angels are not as precious to God as man. This disqualified the blood of all the Angels.

The Apple of God’s eye volunteered to rescue man from eternal doom. He gave his life–which is more precious than the entire world–just to restore man back to God.

This assignment was tedious that He would leave the majestic splendour that the heaven is known for and come to this sinful world.

Today marks the day Jesus was born to this world. It is not a posthumous birthday why because He conquered and swallow death in victory.

Happy birthday Jesus! Thank you for coming to save me.

Merry Christmas brethren. Together we will see more Christmas in Jesus.

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