How to avoid hackers in the first place

hackerIt is not an exaggeration to say cybercrime is on an increase. People lose their valuable information, privacy and vital data to unknown hackers on a daily basis. Sadly, these hackers’ activities on the victim’s account would incriminate the victim. This makes it important for everyone to secure his or her information with greater care and vigilance.

The follow suggestion will undoubtedly help you avoid hackers and other malicious activities on your account. However, before that, who is a hacker? A programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal, change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism.

  1. Protect your password:
    1. Create a strong password. Do not use any of your name; do not use the passwords that can be guess easily.
    2. Do not login your Facebook on unknown and unsecure phone on computer.
    3. Change your password regularly. Change it in the interval of three months.
    4. Do not share your Facebook password with anybody. Do not use the same password on another platform.
    5. Avoid using the ‘Remember password’ feature on web browsers
    6. Type your password on only trusted device. And ensure that you logout your account after use
  2. Activate Login Approval: Login Approvals gives your account an extra level of security by requesting a security code when you log in from an unknown browser. To set up Login Approvals, click on the word “Edit” to the right of “Login Approvals,” then click on “Get Started” to begin the setup wizard.
  3. Be careful of the information you make public.
  4. Ensure you send and receive friend request from only the people you know.

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