How to secure your Facebook account from Hackers

facebookA friend lost her Facebook account to a hacker. This is how it happened: She woke up that morning as usual to catch glimpse of what is happening on the social media. She tried to log into her Facebook account but couldn’t.

An unknown hacker had taken over her account. The hacker was smart enough to change her phone number and email address. This made it extremely difficult to recover this account. Everyone knows how painful it is to lose your social media account to an unknown person.

Aside loosing important contacts and information, reputable users know what damage impersonation can do to their reputation. We tried all we could to recover this precious Facebook account to no avail. However, I learnt an important lesson and I deem it fit to share with you.

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Facebook had envisaged such theft and had put in place precautional measure to avoid such occurrence. Now that you have full access to your account, you can add three of your friends on your trusted contacts. You can choose friends to be trusted contacts in case you are locked out of your Facebook account. After you have chosen your friends, they will be able to send you a recovery code with a special URL you can use to get back into your account. I encourage everyone who values his or her account to do it now. The procedure is simple and direct. To choose your trusted contacts follow these instructions:

  1. Find your way to setting, tap Account Settings > Security and Login


2. Scroll down and tap Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out


3. Tap Choose Trusted Contacts and follow the on-screen instructions


After you have chosen your trusted contacts, you can always tap Edit to change or remove the friends you have chosen.

I will gladly offer a helping hand if you need one. So feel free to contact me.



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