See how to stop unsolicited Text Messages from MTN, Glo, Airtel and others

On an average, I received five unsolicited text messages on my phone daily. Sometimes, some of these messages do deduct my airtime unnecessarily. Other times they are frustrating.

I know of course that I am not alone. Therefore, I deem it necessary to share how I eventually overcame this mind-disturbing messages.

The complain from subscribers have prompted the NCC (Nigeria Communication Commission) to up with an initiative called DND (Do Not Disturb). The aim of DND is to prevent phone user from receiving unsolicited calls and text messages.

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It is simple: whatever network you use, just send ‘Stop’ to 2442. You will recieve SMS depending on the network you are using. Just follow through the instructions you recieve. This will stop all the unwanted messages.

However, some people may love to recieve text message on the field of their interest. Such person my use the short code below to register:
“SMS 1” for receiving SMS relating to Banking? Insurance/ Financial products to 2442
“SMS 2” for receiving |SMS relating to real Estate to 2442
“SMS 3” for receiving SMS relating to Education to 2442
“SMS 4” for receiving SMS relating to Health to 2442
“SMS 5” for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and Automobiles to 2442”
“SMS 6” for receiving SMS relating to Communication/ Broadcasting Entertainment/IT to 2442
“SMS 7” for receiving SMS relating to Tourism and leisure to 2442
“SMS 8” for receiving SMS relating to Sports to 2442 “SMS 9” for receiving SMS relating to Religion to 2442

Of course this will not affect personal message or person to person messages which are private communication between individuals.

If these messages persist, you can call the NCC–the regulatory body on toll-free ‘622’ to lodge your complain. And everything will be resolve once and for all.

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  1. The unsolicited sms has frustrated me beyond what I can explain. Thank you for this information. I have done what you recommended. I just hope it works and I have my peace


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