What an exchange!

Exchange.jpgI was in a fantasy mode earlier this morning. Mr. Adeojo, 62, raped a 12 years old girl. He was caught red-handed. He was arraigned before the law court. After listening to both the defendant and the prosecutor, the Judge ruled that Adeojo was guilty. The judge therefore sentenced him to 21 years in prison with hard labour.

The unthinkable happened in the court premises. A white Bentley with fleet of expensive cars as entourage drove in. It was the Ooni of Ife, the foremost traditional ruler in Yoruba race. He stepped into the courtroom majestically. Everyone in the courtroom rose to their feet just to reverend the Oba.

The 38 years-old reverend king, threw the premise to a pandemonium when he announced to take the place of Adeojo in prison. How would a whole Ooni pay for a crime he did not commit? How would a person in Ooni’s calibre sacrifice his freedom for a crime committed by a destitute? It does not just make sense!

“Your majesty,” the criminal said, “don’t do this. Your freedom worth more than mine. Let me pay for my misdeed.” However, the Ooni insisted. His people protested, the council of Oba threatened to challenge the king’s decision in court. Yet the king remained resolute and he was thrown into the prison.

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Ooni is a king whose number of breathes in this world are limited. He was only sentenced and we all see it as unreasonable, unjust and illegal. How much more Jesus who is the King of the universe who left all the glamour and glory of the heavens to die for me—a chronic sinner.

Interesting, Jesus never got an additional star for dying for me. He would remain who he is whether he dies for me or not. Thank you Jesus for doing what is logically unreasonable for me. I will not take your kind gesture for granted.



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