How Coca-cola was invented

The Story behind the invention of Coca Cola; See how mistake became miracle. 

John Perberton, the inventor of Coca cola

In 1986, a pharmacist wanted to develop a new remedy for prospective customers. He had already invented “French Wine Coca—the Ideal Nerve Tonic, Health Restorer and Stimulant,” “Lemon and orange Elixir, and Pemberton’s Indian Queen Magic Hair Dye.” This time he created a new medicine to relieve exhaustion, aid the nervous, and soothe headaches.

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The pharmacy was happy with his product, syrup that he mixed with water and served chilled. However, a happy accident occurred. His assistant accidentally mixed the concoction with soda water. The drink was transformed. He was not too proud to admit that his original vision for the drink was inferior to his assistant’s creation.

As a result, he decided not to sell it as a medicine, but instead as a fountain drink. He named it coca cola. And today, coca cola is the most popular soft drink in the world. The pharmacist is John Pemberton of Atlanta, Georgia.

Many great inventions and discoveries were accidental, unplanned and unintentional


  1. Opportunities are always wrapped in mistakes. Therefore, before you discard or
    Bottle of Coca Cola

    write off a mistake, check if there is opportunity.

  2. The invention of Coca Cola was possible because the inventor was smart and more importantly, alert.
  3. How do you respond to mistake? Cry? Feel bad? Give up? Find lesson? The best way to maximize mistake is improve it and use it to you advantage.

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