One good turn deserves another, what about a bad turn?

Oyeniyi has written his final year second semester examination. He was struggling with his project. The project was demanding more than he could afford in terms of finance and attention. As a result, he was perpetually broke.

To feed became a struggle. To escape been killed by hunger, he decided to live with one of his relatives who resides in the third neighbouring community. His tentative abode was 2 km away from his school.


One day, Oyeniyi had no money on him. He was ruminating on what he could do to make some earnings. His phone rang. It was a strange number. “Hello, good morning, it is Oyeniyi. Who is this?” He asked. At the other end of the phone was the secretary to Oyeniyi’s project supervisor, “Good morning, how was your night?” she did not wait for an answer before she continued, “Oga has approved you chapter three. So come for your work.”

Oyeniyi rushed out of his bed. He went to his distant cousin who accommodated him. After explaining the position of things, the cousin gave him a tip for transport. He freshened up and rushed out for the campus. He met his supervisor and the task for the day was successful.

As he was about to leave the office of the supervisor, the secretary who called him stylishly demanded a kickback for her service. “She deserves even more.” Oyeniyi thought. He then released the last cash on me that was supposed to be his transport fare back home.

The cloud was dark. He stayed at the school main gate seeking free ride. It was already drizzling. A woman who lived along his street parked to buy some bread from the hawkers around. Oyeniyi and three other students ran at their topmost gear to seek free ride. They were disappointed as the woman snubbed and zoomed off.

The boys drew back as the woman drove away. It was not long when a truck parked and everyone going in the truck’s direction trooped in. At the midway to Oyeniyi’s street, the truck turned to the opposite direction. Three boys banged the truck to signal to the driver that they wanted to alight. The truck slowed down while the three boys and Oyeniyi jumped off the truck. “Thank you sir.” They waved the bus driver and went their ways.

Since they do not have transport fare, they decided to trek down the untared road linking to their street. They were chatting and laughing as the walk. They had walked for fifteen minutes; they saw a car drowning in a gutter. The owner of the car was frustrated. She stood helplessly beside the car waiting for help. One hefty guy had volunteered to help her but only him can do but nothing.

At the sight of these boys, the woman expressed a sigh of relieve and hurriedly gestured her desire to seek their assistance. The boys moved closer, they realized it was the woman that refused a free ride. Oyeniyi advanced towards the woman and said, “An hour ago, we requested that you give us a lift. However, you refused. We have trekked down from the school main gate.” With a mechanical smile on his face, he continued, “Now you need us to help you drag out you car from the mould. I am afraid you won’t get that assistance either. One good turn deserves another; so is bad turn.”

She hastily went on her kneels to beg these boys. “Please, I begged you in the name of Jesus” she said. “So you know Jesus?” one of the boys asked. “You knew Jesus and we begged you in his name, yet you decline. We are not helping you period!” the boy concluded. Tears rolled out of her face as she continues to plead, “I am sorry. I had a horrible experience lifting people and besides I was afraid”.

“Anyways,” Oyeniyi answered, “You refused to help us because you were afraid, we too had had a horrible experience help people in your shoe and besides, we are afraid too.” She looked more worried as she spoke, “Ok let’s do it this way, charge me, I will pay.” The boys laughed hilariously and one of them answered, “Even if you will pay us fifty thousand, we will not help you.”

The other boys nodded in agreement and they walked away. The guy who volunteered to assist her looked into her face and said, “Once you can’t be afraid of seeking assistance from strangers, you shouldn’t be afraid of assisting strangers.” “Learn to be good to people” he concluded and went his way.

The woman stood there in dismay as she watched the back of the boys.


1. If you will ever expect helping hand from strangers, be willing to give helping hand to people you don’t particularly know.

2. Fear should not be an excuse to be unkind to people.

3. Your past ugly experience should not dictate how you treat people.

4. Be good to people whether you expect help from them or not.



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