How to strike balance between business and family

balanceA man started a company and built it into conglomerate, and was planning to hand over the reins to his son at retirement. One day, he was walking through the factory and observed his son angrily berating an employee in the presence of other employees. He looked at his son and motioned for him to come to the office.

“David,” he began, “I wear two hats around here. I am the boss and I am your father. Right now, I am going to put my boss hat on. You are fired. You are done here. I will not have that kind of behaviour in my company and will never tolerate employees being treated that way. I have warned you severally about this kind behaviour, and you are still doing it. So, I have to let you go.”

Then he said, “Now, I am going to put on my father’s hat.” After a moment’s pause, he continued, “Son, I heard you just lost your job. How can I help you?”

Culled from: “How to add climate control to your life” By Henry Cloud

Business and family are two different things, if you wish succeed in business, do not mingle them together.

Our families and business are two different things that we must handle differently. The ethics of running a business is not the same as that of family. Some people have ruin their business, some others have torn the family apart because the mingle family and business. If you are a businessperson, you automatically wear two caps, one as employer or employee, and the other as family member.

To strike a balance, one must understand and follow the ethics of these different fields

Summarily, There is a distinct difference between business and family. Business owners who know and act accordingly stand head and shoulder out.



  1. As a matter of fact business and family are different but family should be put ahead of business. Because you do the business to make your family happy and nothing more.

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