Negative comments do not make your dream infeasible

Oprah Winfrey

No matter how viable your ideas are, some designated critics are out there to criticize it. No matter how fascinating your dreams are, many distracters are out there to distract you from pursuing it. No matter how talented you are, some folks are committed to undermine your talents. However, the good news is that the viability and feasibility of your ideas and dreams are not subjected to how people see it. It does only on how you see it.

Many dreams that are actualized today were once condemned and criticized. Many businesses ideas that are successful today were once declared infeasible by some so-called expert. They became success because the conveners ignored the critics. Therefore, if you will succeed too, you must ignore the naysayers.

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Here is a list of such ideas and business:

  1. Jack Ma of Alibaba was told that selling online is infeasible, but today, he is the richest man in China, and guess what? He made his fortune from the condemned idea.
  2. Oprah Winfrey was shown the way out of a TV station because she was too emotional. Today, she is one of the most famous and influential women in the world. Guess what? She made her fame, fortune and influence by the emotion some people rejected.

    Jack Ma
  3. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for ‘lacking imagination’ and ‘having no original ideas’. Guess what?
  4. Michael Jordan was cut off from his high school basketball because the coach felt he was not skillful enough. However, today he is one of the most renowned and greatest basketballs of all time.
  5. The Beatles were rejected by decca recording studio who said, “We don’t like their sound—they have no future in show business.
  6. Almost 12 publishers rejected children comic book, Harry Potter. The book was reluctantly accepted by Barry Cunningham (an editor from Bloomsbury, a publishing house in). The decision to publish Harry Potter owes much to Alice Newton, the eight years old daughter of Bloomsbury’s chairman, who was given the first chapter to review by her father and immediately demanded the next. After publishing the book, Cunningham advised J.K Rowling—the author—to go and find work since she could not make money from children’s book.

J.K Rowling, whose life was described as messed before the success of Harry Potter became one of the most successful authors of all time. Guess what? She reached this feat through criticized Harry Potter.

J.K Rowling

Rather than wasting your time minding the thwarters, why not do your job and allow them to do theirs. Instead of wasting your effort reacting or responding to the stone of condemnation thrown at you, why not focus on what you can do.

Negative comments and critics do not make you dream infeasible; you and only you can do. Professional verdict should not make your dream worthless. Therefore don’t make your dream infeasible or worthless.



  1. Of course it is human nature to condemn. Thank you for the light you share. Insightful: “Dont let other people opinion on you becomes your reality.

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  2. I am confronted with the same problem of rejection and condeming my ideas. I just hope they work out so that my story will be used to motiovate others.


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