Rejection should not stop you

dealing-with-rejection_tOne of the major barricades in the journey of business breakthrough is the pain of rejection. And the reason why rejection is that painful is our misconception of the concept. Average human believes that they are rejected because they or their work is incompetent. The unblemished truth is that rejection is just one person’s or group of persons’ opinion. Moreover, it is not the final. Someone else opinion of you will have no effect on you until you accept them as your verdict.

Rejections are not objective

Tai Solarin was a creative writer and an educationalist. In a bid to get his works published, he experienced something that explains how subjective rejection is. He wrote, “Between 1952 and 1959, I must have sent as many as thirty-six manuscripts to Daily Times. Quite a number of them were returned and most of them were simply unacknowledged.”

Credited to his unrelenting doggedness, Daily Times, one of the most prominent newspapers in his days, agreed to publish him. After his public acceptance, he sent in quite a few of the earlier articles that were rejected. Surprisingly, these articles were published unedited!

The same articles rejected by a publisher were published unedited by the same publisher. This clearly affirms that rejections are subjective; they are subjected to the opinions of the rejecters and not reality. Therefore, I want to advise you not to accept one man’s opinion as your reality.

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The psychology behind rejection

To broaden our understanding on this subject, let us look at why humans reject or condemn ideas or people:

1. When they do not understand it: The things we do not understand do not appeal to us. The things that do not appeal to us do not get our attention. And we are bound to dispose everything that does not win our attention.

2. Lack of interest: Nothing is interesting if we are not interested. In the case of J.K Rowling, all those publishers were uninterested in her work because they thought there is a limit to how much money they could make on children’s book.

Do not take rejection personal; do not take it as a verdict. It is just the opinion of others about you or your ideas–which may be wrong.

3. Wrong impression: People tend to reject or condemn the ideas or people whom they had wrong impression against.

4. Misrepresentation of idea: Most dreams got crashed because the dreamers could not express or communicate them in a convincing manner. Because of their inability to communicate it better, people walk away thinking the dreams are infeasible.

5. People naturally oppose change: By nature, many people refrain from change especially if it is not coming from them.

What to do after been rejected

Should you hide your head in shame when you are rejected? Should you throw it in the dustbin when your ideas are rejected? Hell no! rather that quitting or doubting your credibility, do the following:

1. Redesign and readjust: of course, your ideas may require a little adjustment; it may need to be restructured. Reevaluate and restructure it.

2. Resolve to remain persistent: The cheapest way to overcome rejection is to resolve never to stop trying regardless of the number of rejection he gets.

3. Be willing to do things that are painful: Those who are willing to do the painful put themselves in the position to be unstoppable by rejection.

4. Keep Trying: Do not throw your ideas away because they were rejected. Do not give up on yourself because people disapprove you. Keep trying, improve your dream; put more live in it by keep trying.

Keep going! Do not allow rejection lead to dejection. Keep trying! Do not bow to the force of rejection. Life rewards only those that keep pushing regardless of the number of rejection they get.

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  1. I have heard it times without number that rejection is not final. i bleieve it but the reality for me is the opposite. I feel like committing sucide if I am rejected. What can I do?

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