You can Quit, but ensure you do for the right reason

Winners-Quit1Many experts and motivational speakers would advise you never to quit. They would say, “If you quit once, it may become an habit, so never quit.” Their motives are right but not well communicated. So many individuals had mistaken this concept because they did not get the right picture.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” This is not always true. Sometimes winners quits something smaller for something bigger.

Mr. Peter knew what he wanted. He wanted to always dress in white dress shirt with a neutral collar tie beneath a tailored suit with wig and stand before the Judge in the court to defend or prosecute people. Nevertheless, because his father wanted him to take after him, he lured him to study Computer Science and Management in the university. His father owned an IT consultant company, and he wanted Peter to succeed him as the Chief Executive Officer.

Peter came on board as planned. However, he could not deliver as he ought to do. He tried all he could to adapt with the system but he just could not cope. His father insisted that he should keep trying, “Those who give up never win and those who win never give up”.

Few years later, his father died and he was 100% in charge. In the end, Peter ruined the company. When everything — including hope — was gone, he was left with no option than to commit suicide.

Here is another similar story. His real name is Folarin Falana. His father is a prominent lawyer in Nigeria. He wanted Folarin to take after him too. Folarin’s has flair for music and entertainment; his father wanted him to be a lawyer. Like Peter, Folarin was persuaded to study law abroad. He came back to Nigeria, attended the Nigerian School of Law and began to practice in his father’s chamber.

The prestige that comes with being a reputable lawyer did not appeal to him. He wanted to act in movies, sing music and become a super star. He called his father one day and said, “Sir, I want to quit law.” His father opposed his decision. He made fancy promises and appealing persuasion but not all these was unable to changed Folarin’s mind. Since he insisted on quitting law for music, the mother — who was also a lawyer — supported him. Today, he is a household in Nigeria entertainment industry. His stage name is ‘Falz the bad guy’.

Quitting is not a crime if the motives are right

Quit if need be, but be sure you are quitting for the right reason. Listed below unreasonable reasons why you should not quit.

a) Do not quit because the process involves are difficult; nothing good comes with effortless easy.

b) Do not quit because something went wrong; instead, look for a way to right the wrong.

c) Do not quit because you are tired; what you need is to refill your energy.

d) Do not quit because you lack the required experience; you do not need the whole experience in the world. Besides, you will gather the necessary experience as you go.

e) Do not quit because you do not know how to do it better, every expert you see today was once a novice.

f) Do not quit because you have a long way to go; look at how far you have come — at least you were not where you used to be.

g) Do not quit because things are not working; you can make them work if you have the burning desire to.

h) Do not quit because of slow progress. When you are slow, ensure you are steady and seek how to accelerate your progress.

i) Do not quit because of the time it will take to accomplish a task; the time will pass in no distance time.

You can quit for any of these reasons.

a) When the task is done

b) If you lost your passion and have tried all you can to develop it. I recommend this because no one succeeds in doing what he detests.

c) If you find another viable option, never quit something for nothing.

Many experts assert that winners never quit. But that is not really true. The truth is that winners do quit but for different reasons than loser.



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